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Dual Interface: MIPI & DVP Parallel
On Semiconductor Aptina AR0144CS
HM2143 Fixed Focus
OV5640 Auto Focus
OV5640 Fixed Focus
OV2715 Auto Focus
OV2732 Fixed Focus
OV2715 Fixed Focus
OV9756 Fixed Focus
OV9281 Fixed Focus
   OmniVision OV5640 MIPI and DVP Parallel Interface Auto Focus 5MP Camera Module, with No IR Pass Filter Lens
        Model No.   JAL-MIPI-OV5640 V5.2 NIR
   Camera Module No. JAL-MIPI-OV5640 V5.2 NIR
   Image Sensor OV5640
   EFL 3.37 mm
   F.NO 2.8
   Pixel 2592 x 1944 (QSXGA)
   View Angle 67.4°
   Lens Type 1/4 inch, No IR Filter Lens
   Lens Dimensions 8.5 x 8.5 x 5.07 mm
   Module Size 24 x 8.5 mm
   Module Type Auto Focus
   Interface MIPI and Parallel
   Mating Connector DF30FC-40DS-0.4V
  KLT Camera Modules Applications:
  High Dynamic Range HDR KLT Camera Module
  CMOS KLT Camera Module
  In Pixel Binning KLT Camera Module
  HD Video KLT Camera Module
  Security KLT Camera Module
  Scanning KLT Camera Module
  Surveillance KLT Camera Module
  Rolling Shutter KLT Camera Module
  Global Shutter KLT Camera Module
  Automotive ADAS KLT Camera Module

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